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  1. 1. open my own boutique
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  2. 2. learn how to drive stick-shift
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  3. 3. travel around the world
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  4. 4. Pose for a great photographer
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  5. 5. have children someday
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  6. 6. Take a photo every day
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  7. 7. End world hunger
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  8. 8. hunger
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  9. 9. go to Fashion Institute of Technology
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  10. 10. Read the Bible
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  11. 11. Design and build my own house
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  12. 12. get out of debt
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get out of debt

School pretty much put me about 15,000 in the hole!!! No lie! Not to mention the credit card companies that pitch a tent on campus to offer unsuspectiong college freshman credit cards. The only thing I have to show for my two maxed out crdit cards are a t-shirt and a stupid plastic watch that I got for signing up for the damn cards. It’s a conspiracy!!

learn how to drive stick-shift

God Bless anyone who can teach me . It seems too complicated – even though I never actually tried – but just the thought of having 3 pedals and driving with both feet would drive me insane.

open my own boutique
U gotta start somewhere

I attended college for 3 years before I realize that a career in Criminal Justice was not my passion. So here I am, on my way to follow a dream that some may think is way far-fetched. I applied to FIT and hopefully I’ll be starting in the Spring of 2006. I have dreams of owning a chic, trendy yet swanky boutique in Dumbo, Brooklyn—then who know? maybe a chain of boutiques?


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