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  1. 1. get married
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  2. 2. be perfect
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  3. 3. weigh 115
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  4. 4. grow my hair back out
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  5. 5. get a toned body
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get a toned body

I use to have a good body… then I got off the dance team and graduated high school… got an office job… and well… hello fat body! But I want to start working out and eating better… it’s just so dang hard.

grow my hair back out
talked into cutting it...

I use to have pretty blonde hair that was thick and down to the middle of my back…. a guy talked me into dying it and cutting it off…. BIG MISTAKE!!! Now I miss it so much and growing the hair dye out sucks so bad. It’s been almost three years and it’s still just not right. It’s to my sholders and dyed a redish brown color. It’s growing back a brown color…. gr… but I’m going to get it grown out no matter what.

weigh 115

I weigh 148
I use to weigh 120 a year ago
I want to weigh 115 bad!

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