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  1. 1. start my own business
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  2. 2. become a better snowboarder
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  3. 3. become a better photographer
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  4. 4. beat the dealer in blackjack
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  5. 5. Save money
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  6. 6. see the northern lights
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  7. 7. tone my body
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  8. 8. start an internet company
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  9. 9. Start a company that survives longer than 2 years
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  10. 10. make a difference
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  11. 11. go snowboarding
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  12. 12. entrepreneur
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Buy a Nissan 350Z
very sexy

I’m so glad I bought this v.s. the other cars I was considering(S2k, G35, Z4, RSX). Just took it home a couple of days ago, I’m still getting used to everything, especially because it’s a stick. I’ve never driven a stick before.

write more C++ (read all 2 entries…)
The feeling of power

I’ve been writing Ruby for my own projects, but have started doing more C++ at work. Although I feel a lot more productive when writing Ruby, nothing beats the feeling of control & power when working with C++. Multi-threading and synchronization, sooo much fun!

get a Creative Zen
a awesome little player

This is a nice little mp3 alternative to the ipod. I really like its design and feel.

One downside of it is it doesn’t fully support unicode. I guess nothing’s perfect :) I’ll have to live with that.

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