I'm doing 9 things

How I did it
How to read one book each week
It took me
2 months
It made me

How to finish writing my book
It took me
120 days
It made me

How to write another grant.
It took me
21 days
It made me
Happy ! (and richer)

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More statistics stuff to read

Statistics: The art and science of learning from data

Introductory statistics: Exploring the world through data



Read all this stuff (read all 4 entries…)
More to read - Journal of Statistics Education


Include more Internet resources in teaching statistics
Starting with these


There is so much good stuff on the yummy math site, I don’t know where to begin. It includes graphics, discussions and activities relating math to the latest news stories.


The SAS curriculum pathways I have been meaning to look at for a long time gives a lot of good resources for teaching math. Applets, pages of explanation. Good stuff. Algebra, statistics and more

Statistics in the Schools, from the U.S. census bureau

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