get my driver's liscence
Do it

Its easy as anything

Get over my addiction of Halo 2
Cold Turkey

You’ve got to just stop. My Xbox broke, it saved me.

start a band

We are called The Deep Six. Rock on!

make peace

In a symbolic sense more than a religious one…

Run a 5k in 20 minutes

The sense of satisfaction from doing one of these that fast is perfect. It has to be done at least once. Start out a little faster , then get into a pace that’s a little faster than normal. Avoiding cramping at all costs, get timed splits, and gradually increase your pace with plently left to kick with for your win sprint. Eat a large carb dinner, but make sure you go to the bathroom the morning of the race. Don’t drink too much water and keep a good breathing rhythm, and you’ll get that PR. Peace

Be a Rock Star
Burn Out!

Tis better…
Be a rock star kids, don’t listen to your folks
Follow your dreams, do a nice lick or smooth groove
Remember your roots, write about everything

Cranberry Sauce

Become an ordained minister

Everyone: Get Ordained! Its incredible. Peace

make my own fretless bass

There is absolutely nothing quite like going in on your old junk bass, ripping out the frets, and playing “Hey You” just as well as David Gilmour.

learn to play bass
To play is...

One of the best things someone can do.



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