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Move to NYC
OMG I did it!

Today is my 6th day living in Brooklyn. I made the firm decision to move to NY on New Years Eve. On April 1st my car was packed and drove to NY from California. I stayed with a friend in Long Island while I worked from my laptop and looked at apartments in the city. It took 2 weeks to find my perfect place and another week to move in and get my stuff organized so I actually felt like I had my own cool space. It’s still not DONE, I still need furniture and things on the walls to make it homey, but it’s mine and I’m happy.

pierce my lip
Lip piercing

Just got it done Saturday. And I couldn’t be happier. I’ve wanted to for soooo long. But something would come up, or I was busy or something. Now it’s done and I freaking love it.

stop caring what other people think
On my way...

Well I wouldn’t say this is completely DONE, but last night I sent an email to a boy, saying some things I’ve been too worried to say for MONTHS. And OH MY HELL it was liberating. I don’t care if he never writes back because I did it for me. Without integrity we are nothing. I feel free. And I didn’t care what he would think. And it felt great. I highly recommend it.


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