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Get rid of my spots

It’s like an addiction. I pick so badly. I am thinking even as I do it that it is a terrible idea and it will only make things worse – so why do I still do it? Even if I don’t have any I will look closely at any mark, bump, blocked pore, folicle and pick until I have a big scab :( I look so bad right now. Covered in big red marks I need to cover with make-up, and the make-up makes more spots. I hate myself because of this. It makes me look/feel like a teenager and I’m 28.

be nicer to my boyfriend
Why is it so hard?

I love him but he annoys me! It’s difficult to remember how much I love him when he’s bugging me! But I really must. I can’t live without him. I need something like a talisman or one memory I can think of or look at when I want to snap at him!


You will not regret this experience! I loved it! As soon as I was back on the ground I wanted to do it again! I did it tandom so I didn’t really have to learn anything. It was easy and felt amazing. I was terrified on the morning of the jump but as soon as I tipped out of that plane – Wow! DO IT!

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