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send a last farewell and get rid of my lame myspace profile

I’ve been meaning to trash my myspace profile, but felt the nagging feelings of missing out and loosing touch. After stumbling onto 43 things, after I googled something about locals and San Francisco, I understand what I must do. I must let my boring myspace friends know that I am moving on to the land of the plenty. I feel that I have been living in a tuna can and failed to realize I was experiencing severe muscle cramp. I will detail the limits of myspace to them through My Bulletin, My Blog, and embed my message in profile information like: About Me, Who I’d Like to Meet, Orientation, etc. Someone seriously needs to give a cheer.

build a dollhouse
why so magical?

what are the psychological implications behind dollhouses and miniatures? why does a miniature replica of a phone, sandwich or book leave one with a sense of awe? which is more magical: to eat an apple at my normal size or to eat an apple as a dollhouse inhabitant? when I see dollhouses I imagine myself, mouse-sized, walking and living in this world and I am instantly intrigued. but, wouldn’t it just be like this world, only smaller and a bit on the flimsy side? I could punch through walls much easier and all fruit would taste like wax. No, no, no! In this world your neighbors could be fairies, historical characters, mice, bugs, etc. The possibilities are endless here, because even though you are made of a bit of glue, clay and cloth, you come alive quite easily once you move into a dollhouse.


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