codes harder than bismuth.

I'm doing 29 things

How I did it
How to learn how to drive stick-shift
It took me
20 days
It made me

How to find out someones password
It took me
2 days
It made me

How to update my resume
It took me
2 days
It made me
feel more prepared

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get a 4.0 (read all 3 entries…)
Yeah -- not happening this semester.

I had A’s in my classes, and then two consecutive assignments in one of my classes rocked my world. I’m hoping for a C in the class now. o.o

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#9: anathema

Something detested or abhored.

“Writing an outline is an anathema to many writers.”

list 100 positive things about myself (read all 5 entries…)

I’m pretty decent at photoshop!

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