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  1. 1. helicopter ski
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  2. 2. build a house
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  3. 3. implement GTD
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  4. 4. cook more
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  5. 5. get out of debt
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  6. 6. learn to snowboard
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  7. 7. perform music again
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  8. 8. Read more books
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  9. 9. stop procrastinating
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  10. 10. Practice Yoga
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Best. Taping. Evar.

Just got back from NYC and I had to check this off my list. Check out some photos here:

learn to snowboard (read all 2 entries…)
I hate/love this

Now I’ve gone a couple times this year i have to say its both the most fun I’ve had on the mountain in a while, but its also the biggest pain in the ass as well. I like the riding just fine, the challenge of managing my balance from edge to edge is exciting, and the risk of a painful face-plant keeps my concentration on avoiding catching an edge. Thats the stuff I like. The stuff I don’t like is everything else. The biggest pain so far is that when I’m not moving, I can’t stand up. So I’m either going downhill or I’m sitting down. Also, I usually have to get up from my knees. If I’m sitting down, I have to do that “rollover” move just to get up. That gets old soon. Then there’s the flats. Flats in skiing are a minor pain, but you can get through them with some pole pushing or skating. On the board, all you can do is “the hop”, which doesn’t take you that far. What might be 3 or 4 pole pushes on skis is like 50 hops on a board. Most of the time, I just unbuckled the back boot and pushed. Sometimes I took both feet out and walked. Then there is the lift. Chairlifts are made for skiers and nothing makes me feel more like a beginner than getting off a lift on a board. The direction of travel is perpendicular to your orientation, then you have to control your direction in a narrower stance, worrying that your foot will slip off and you’ll get a strained groin. Crap, man. Give me a gondola!

I still want to do this, but I’ll be balancing my skiing/snowboarding time probably with more time on the skis.

get out of debt

We’re tackling the credit cards starting with the highest interest rate and paying them off in order all the way down to the lowest interest rate. I never make minimum payments on the cards, I try to pay at least the amount of the interest charge for that month so the balances don’t get higher.

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