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become a better long distance runner
My progress thus far

So far I ran twice this week…on Mon I ran aprox 3 miles and on Wednesday I ran 5.4 miles!! I am so proud of myself. I initially thought the switch from the treadmill to outdoors was going to be alot more difficult than it actually was…I enjoy running outdoors far more greater than running on a treadmill. Eventually I would like to be able to run 10 miles. Tonight I will stick with the 5.4 mile run tonight and probably the next week. In about three weeks I want to add another 1.5 miles to my run (3 would be fantastic but I want to set realistic goals so I don’t set myself up for disappointment)

Make all my own cleaners
I made my own windex!!

So I made my own windex and it works just as good, if not better, than the store bought commercial stuff. I feel so much better that I am breathing in non-toxic fumes that don’t irritate the respiratory system and is safe for my little baby (4 yr old Jack Russell Terrier “Inego”) to play around!

Next I want to make floor, acidic, and basic cleaners!!

Eventually I want to stop using all commercial cleaners and detergents in my household

Hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon
Can't get a permit until January...

So I and 3 other friends are planning a hike from the south rim back up the south rim…I am currently training for this by doing endurance like activites…I am planning to go in May 2010 meaning that I can’t apply for my permit until January, initially I was planning on staying overnight at Phantom Ranch at the bottom of the canyon but I think I would get a more rewarding experience if I stuck to traditional camping methods


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