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  1. 1. go deep sea diving
    81 people
  2. 2. go on a cruise
    4,765 people
  3. 3. learn how to swim
    1 cheer
    927 people
  4. 4. pass nchec exam
    1 person
  5. 5. get a part time job
    349 people
  6. 6. get out of debt
    2 entries
    12,196 people
  7. 7. win the lottery or win big at the slot machines
    1 person
  8. 8. find my passion
    1 entry
    2,140 people
  9. 9. learn how to braid hair
    92 people
  10. 10. move to North Carolina
    61 people
  11. 11. visit all 50 states
    9,050 people

How I did it
How to pay off credit cards with income tax refund
It took me
2 months
It made me

How to work in a hospital as a social worker
It took me
6 months
It made me

How to get a degree in Health Education
It took me
21 months
It made me
Feel accomplished

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Recent entries
get my passport

It only took 2 weeks to receive!

get passports (for myself and son) (read all 2 entries…)


get passports (for myself and son) (read all 2 entries…)
applied on Feb. 4th

It’s coming!!! The website States I should have them by Feb. 20

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