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eclectic passion

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regular acts of self care (read all 2 entries…)
I have come to the conclusion

that I just CBA to paint my nails. It looks cool on other people, but I just don’t have the patience unless someone is doing it for me! It’s not pampering for me, it just feels like a waste of time as I nearly ALWAYS mess it up and have to remove it shortly afterwards :(

make each day count (read all 2 entries…)
Today and yesterday (02/06/14- 03/06/14)

I have restarted learning Spanish, in some of my spare time from work. I feel I’m coming along leaps and bounds, the problem is finding someone Spanish speaking who I can talk with online…

help others have an abundant life (read all 3 entries…)
I have a penpal from Gambia, Africa

Who sent me a postcard recently. I saw on her facebook profile that one of her American penpals had sent her erasers, and you could tell she was so pleased. I guessed she and her daughter must not be that well off so I bought a few, pretty inexpensive things in town such as a set of colouring pencils for 99p, a small pretty notepad, a jar of bubbles for 59 pence (which I’m not sure they even have in the Gambia) a hair band and some hair slides for her little girl. Their combined cost was under £10, so not costing me much but hopefully will make her and her daughter smile. If I can make someone feel happier and spread a little joy so easily I’m going to do it :)

live an abundant life! (read all 2 entries…)
I'm going to Liverpool, England for the first time with my boyfriend this weekend

(home of the Beatles!)to stay with his family. His mother has apparently planned out plenty of stuff for us to do together, such as going to a christening of someone in the family, going to a pub with live music, a BBQ and shopping! Which is really thoughtful of her, and I like to be active. What’s more, it’s bank holiday weekend so we have an extra day off anyway, and then I’ve got the Tuesday off as part of my annual leave with my job. Hopefully it will be a great weekend!

acknowledge when I've done something well, no matter how small. Even slow progress is progress :) (read all 24 entries…)
So the manager called me into the office in work last week

and said she thought I was doing well. Also, L my colleague said I’m doing well! It’s definitely raised my self esteem! Today is 23/05/14

become fluent in spanish (read all 6 entries…)
So I unintentionally p****d off the best Spanish teacher I've ever had

due to problems with the time zone difference, and now he won’t speak to me, I’ve tried on multiple occasions :(

Be an awesome girlfriend (read all 6 entries…)
Regularly identifying 'bugs' in our relationship and working on solving them

I got this idea from ‘The Big Bang’ sitcom series.

Current ‘bugs.’

1) I don’t want kids, he does. The most problematic ‘bug.’ Although I’ve made it clear to him more than once, and he said he still wants to be with me at present. I should make the most of the time we do have and continue to make an effort with our relationship, things don’t have to last forever to be special and meaningful :)

2)He asked me why I don’t wear the necklace he bought me more. Easily sorted!

3) Me feeling like I need some time to recharge and see my friends, most of whom I haven’t seen for weeks. He said at the beginning of the relationship that he didn’t want ‘us’ to get in the way of me seeing my friends. I enjoy seeing him but need friend time too; I should just reasonably and calmly (without resentment) make my point.

4) My own lack of libido, most likely due to medication I’m currently on. I’m definitely attracted to him, and I love our intimacy, I just don’t ‘feel’ much in the way of physical sensation :(

Spend at least one night in a luxury hotel
So this will (hopefully) be coming true by September

I can’t wait!

have nothing in my house that I do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful (read all 3 entries…)
So much clutter, so little time

I’ve been going through clutter the last few days, got rid of 11 items of clothing that no longer fit me, dusted 4 surfaces and got rid of lots of magazine cuttings that are no longer relevant to my life. There’s still a lot to go though!

learn a little sign language so I can connect, in a friendly way with the deaf guy in work
Only connect...

I feel guilty because as yet, I haven’t made much of an attempt to learn sign language- there’s this guy who is completely deaf, and I get the feeling like he feels like I’m not interested in communicating with him, which is not the case. Yesterday, I tried to learn the sign language for ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’ (from the diagrams it looks like a salute) and I’m really nervous about getting it wrong and looking silly in front of him, or even offending him. I guess it’s a lot worse not to try though…really hoping I have the courage to try and communicate with him tomorrow… (21/05/14)

EDIT: I did it and it seemed I got it right, he seemed to understand! Now I want to learn how to say ‘How are you?’ and to understand the response he might give…

Progress, Not Perfection (read all 6 entries…)

Today was my first time in my new job making calls. I was pretty confident, it surprised me!

become fluent in spanish (read all 6 entries…)
This habit has slipped in the last few weeks

due to me applying for jobs and finally getting a job :D I’ve decided however to practise Spanish tomorrow, in the evening after I come home from work. I want to follow my passion, all that’s needed is the energy and continued determination to do it!

Progress, Not Perfection (read all 6 entries…)

Today was my second full day in work (I had 4 days off for the Easter bank holiday weekend.) The person I worked with today, V, was a lot better of a teacher than the person I observed last week, and I felt I learnt a lot. It does feel weird, being paid (not that I’m complaining) after doing 2 years of volunteering and working almost full time hours, and the mornings kind of drag and I get sleepy, probably as a result of still being on the medication, but it feels so good to be part of something, improving my skills and meeting new people :)

post 100 quotes that inspire (read all 54 entries…)

“We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere.” ~ Tim McGraw

I have stepped up my game (read all 2 entries…)

I’ve only gone and left my DBS (Criminal Record Check) form at my workplace, and it’s Easter weekend so offices are shut up until Tuesday. Plus, it was already late :( I REALLY need to get on top of things :0

P.S. It was fine. Panic over!

be happy and occasionally post snippets of happiness (read all 7 entries…)
Last weekend (12/04/14-13/04/14) me and my boyfriend went on a walk

up to the mountain behind my house. It was a warm, sunny day, and although the walking uphill was arduous it was a great view! It surprises me how little I’ve walked up that mountain, considering I’ve lived by it practically my whole life. Still, a great workout, great view and better late than never!

I was given the details of a job which the job agency had entered me for with my permission, the interview was held on 15/04/14. I got it! Currently I’ve done 1 1/2 days there, I’m so thrilled that I’ve finally got a job and am being paid…I hope to try out hypnotherapy for my flying phobia this year, but I needed a job first.

Today was Good Friday and I went cycling with my boyfriend- the first time I’ve ridden a bike in at least 10 years! The first half an hour was weird, just trying to keep balance but I soon got back into it and I really enjoyed it- plus it’s exercise! We also walked around quite a bit to get some fresh air. Loving this Easter weekend with 2 bank holidays!

~2014 Take the EasyJet Fearless Flyer course (read all 2 entries…)
I'm being paid now- yay :D

Not being in paid employment was a major barrier to taking this course, and I also really want to try hypnotherapy to conquer my flying phobia, which I know can be expensive but IMO would be totally worth it if it’s successful. Early days yet though as this was only my second day of work!

I have stepped up my game (read all 2 entries…)
I'm a lot more organised and have a lot more job confidence that I used to

...thanks to several people and organisations in my life. However, I still feel, starting a new job today, that I am not quite on top of it all, and that I need to step up my game a little. I hadn’t been in paid employment since April 2011, and while I’m thrilled to have a job I’m guessing the transition might prove a little tricky. One way I try and get in a good mood for work is wearing outfits that express my personality (obviously within limits due to the office environment) and that are vibrant and fun. My first ‘full’ day of work is tomorrow!

Be grateful and positive (read all 2 entries…)

...I finally have a job! I was only told about the interview the evening before, had the interview today and now I start tomorrow!! I’ve not been in paid employment since 2011 (between that I’ve been doing voluntary work) so I am thrilled! The voluntary work had reached its peak and I felt I was just stagnating there and not learning anything new, so this is a welcome change! Please wish me luck! :)

Don't spend more than £12.50 on a single perfume for a year starting from today (10/04/13) (read all 2 entries…)
I did it!

Although about a week ago I spend £17 on two perfumes…£8.50 each

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