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Uganda Gorilla

Gorilla tracking is a very captivating activity; it involves walking in the wilderness in search of these great apes. Mountain gorillas are extremely social, and live in relatively steady, unified groups of about 12 animals, consisting of one or more dominant silverback males, some younger blackback males and females and their infants. Mountain gorillas held together by long-term bonds between adult males and females. Relationships among females are relatively weak. These groups are non-territorial; the silverback generally defends his group rather than his territory. In the Virunga Mountain Gorillas, the average length of tenure for a dominant silverback is 4.7 years. Come share Gorilla moments With Eco-Royal Voyages

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Ecotourism in Uganda

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Discover the ever green pearl of Africa, Pristine jungles, waters and countless
landforms teeming with life, a Mecca for birding, Gorilla tracking and East Africa’s Adrenaline capital at Bujagali.

The mighty queen Elizabeth national park is rivaled by non world over for its biodiversity rating of any game reserve, its mixing fact and fiction that keeps you illusioned yet reality is here as you can catch a glimpse with wonder how these massive manned Lions climb trees, a preserve of another cat class. Some water dazzling surfaces could unknowingly be hiding the densest Hippo and Crocodile populations ever seen; Murchison falls National park is somewhat a national gem.
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