Uni around Greenlake

Quite a goal – can this be a replacement for running?

go to Scotland
Isle of Skye

Staying at Three Chimneys

Maybe biking around the island

ski in europe
with Robin and Chris of course

Switzerland and Austria,

go heli-skiing
with Robin and Chris

Chugach in Alaska
Canadian Rockies like bugaboos at Mike Wiegele

Sailing the islands

and visiting the usual sites

Cat Skiing,
Maybe in Canadian Rockies

maybe in Canadian Rockies –

lose weight
At least 30 - 40 lbs

Get back down to below 180 #

start a business
or at least get a different job

Can’t really put up with mediocrity much

Seattle to Portland bike tour

Do it two days, within one of hip surgery

Saill blue water
See the pictures here

Get my right hip fixed - needs replacement
How this became a goal

After ski mountaineering and heli skiing in 2010 I knew there was something terribly wrong. I assumed that I was justr rterribly out of shjape. It turns out after jmuch ado with PTs and such, I have OA in my right hip. Now I have found a surrgeon to replace my hip. I won’t be 100% but close – I hope! No more running but biking is A-OK, thusly the various biking goals.



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