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  1. 1. find my soul mate
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  2. 2. Get 'elena' branded on my wrist
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  3. 3. Make a film with Quentin Jerome Tarantino
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  4. 4. Find him
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  5. 5. Be remembered by the world
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  6. 6. Save a soul
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  7. 7. become a photographer
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  8. 8. nirvana
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  9. 9. become a filmmaker
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  10. 10. Create my own heaven
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become a photographer (read all 2 entries…)

I just need a professional camera.
I have the talent, just not the money.
I can’t wait until I get this shitty job.
It’s gonna be righteous.

become a photographer (read all 2 entries…)

That’s just a quick photo of Minute Maid Park.
Nothing fantastical, camera phone.
I need a good camera though.
I need a fucking job. =[
Anyone know of the best camera I can get for under two hundred.
I want a dark room and develop the film myself.
Once I actually get a good camera, I know of a bunch of spots with beautiful views. =]

become a filmmaker

Basically, I don’t have much money. I can’t afford lessons or a camera.
I’ve learned I complain too much when I should be happy I don’t live in a third world country.
I just don’t know what to write about anymore.
All of it’s a cliché, it’s all been done before.
I just hope this is one of the things I was meant to do.
I’ve been thinking about just making documentaries.
That’s the easiest I can do and I have a lot to say.
I want to make films though. That most will hate because they’ve never seen anything like it and they’re jealous they didn’t think of it before. Something that fucking great, that I am a trend that never dies.

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