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How to take 100 photographs.
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journal more days than not (read all 2 entries…)
this is happening

in a way I never anticipated. the google doc i started to keep track of breastfeeding sessions has become a place to record my thoughts and activities. this counts as journaling for me! i have lots of other ways i’ve started recording my activities too: dailymile for running, fitocracy for weightlifting, and myfitnesspal to make sure i consume enough calories to fuel all that AND make milk.

pray by singing twice each week
this is going to be a tough one

and I may need to revise this goal if I find another way to enrich my prayer life in 2013. if i were not taking a break from rep classes, I could incorporate more singing with my first grade class. but I’ll be leaving that class in march to have my baby. who knows if I’ll have time to pick up my guitar and sing when I have a newborn in the house?

journal more days than not (read all 2 entries…)
so far

2/4 when it comes to journaling in 2013. maybe 3/4 if I count the blog entry I wrote for my teaching blog. I may need to clarify what I mean by journaling. does this count, reflecting on my goals in short entries on 43things? the longer free form writing on 750words? the structures blogging for an audience on my teaching blog? quick memories captured on path? any of these might help me achieve the goals I was to reach through blogging: documenting my year, recording and clarifying my thoughts, and reflecting on my relationships with other people.

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