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  1. 1. run a marathon
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  2. 2. learn karate
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  3. 3. meet Wayne Dyer
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  4. 4. learn to swim
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  5. 5. run a 5k
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  6. 6. stop watching porn
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read Your Erroneous Zones by Wayne W Dyer

I read this chapter on anger (chapter 11). Quite liking it. One thought that stuck me was: the second best way to handle anger is to release it, and the first best way is not to have anger at all. The book teaches a new way of thinking when you are angry.

This summarizes,

Anger gets in the way. It is good for nothing. Like all erroneous zones, anger is a means of using things outside of yourself to explain how you feel. Forget others. Make your own choices – and don’t let them be angry ones.


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