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Go to med school and become a doctor
Go for it

There are many things I would like to do with my life. I just have to decide which is best for me and which is meant for me. If I could I would be a photographer and doctor. I just hope I can make it. Both of my parents are docs so I hear that doctor mumbo jumbo all the time. Its what everyone expects me to do. Sometimes I just want to surprise everyone and become a dentist, and not do what everyone expects of me for once. Even my teachers expect me to become a doctor. All of my friends always ask me medical questions. Its what I’ve grown up knowing.

become a famous photographer
Cameras are what I shop for

i love taking pics. i started with a little kodak easyshare now i use a large expensive cannon. i want to work for a nature mag like national geographic.

own a grand piano
aren't they beuatiful

All we have is an out of tune upright.

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