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Reduce the clutter in my life
Phone a Friend

I had boxes stacked everywhere that I used to have a good reason to keep around, but no longer do. I also didn’t feel like spending a couple painful hours not doing anything to directly accomplish my goals. (And if I would have, wouldn’t I have just been procrastinating something more important?)

Advice: get a friend to help you out. That’s how “I” did it. We were able to chat about other things while Getting It Done. He was happy to help me out, and I was happy to get rid of all this crap (or at least put the stuff worth keeping out of the way).

P.S. Thank you, Michael!

Have integrity
Worth it... barely

I’m the only person I know who never cheated in college.

I don’t think our professors seriously expected us not to work on take-home midterms and finals in groups. I never did, unlike my fellow students. My GPA suffered, and I probably learned less.

That said, I acted as any great, self-respecting Philosopher would, and of this I am quite proud.

I have integrity.

stop negative self-talk
It's All About Nietzsche

Read Nietzsche and practice self-reverence. I’d start with “Thus Spake Zarathustra” and follow it up with “Beyond Good and Evil.”

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