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  1. 1. make a lists of all the holes in my heart and write about them
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    2 people
  2. 2. write inspirational messages in public bathrooms
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    30 people
  3. 3. make a difference
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    7,144 people
  4. 4. go to fashion week in Paris
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  5. 5. Compare myself to no one, but who I was yesterday
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  6. 6. Find a balance between the things I want to do and the things I need to do
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  7. 7. learn sign language fluently
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  8. 8. be the kind of person I want to meet
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  9. 9. leave flowers on a stranger's doorstep
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  10. 10. find at least one thing each day that makes me happy and record it everyday for a year
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  11. 11. Steal a gnome
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  12. 12. kiss a complete stranger and not say one word to them
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  13. 13. post letters here that i would never send
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  14. 14. communicate using only songs for an entire day
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  15. 15. Set realistic standards and expectations
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  16. 16. Make a list of 43 things I know very little about, & then learn at least 3 things about each of them
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  17. 17. start a list of things i want to do/be "when i grow up"
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  18. 18. Bloom wherever I'm planted...
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  19. 19. write anonymous, loving post-its for strangers to find
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  20. 20. learn canning
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  21. 21. Mud wrestle
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  22. 22. Have life experiences that make interesting stories
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    390 people
  23. 23. tattoo
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  24. 24. get lost in a maze!
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  25. 25. give free hugs
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  26. 26. take 43 photos of photographers in action
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  27. 27. Dance like Ellen
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  28. 28. say "yes" to everything for a day
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  29. 29. decorate my home beautifully
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  30. 30. Make this next move the best one yet
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  31. 31. bike more
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  32. 32. Read more books
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    11,846 people
  33. 33. Become an american citizen
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  34. 34. have a killer body
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  35. 35. learn from my mistakes
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    382 people
  36. 36. Graduate from university
    901 people
  37. 37. Get a new job
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  38. 38. get back into horse riding
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  39. 39. continue learning french
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  40. 40. write a bucket list
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  41. 41. do something crazy and new at least every month
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  42. 42. volunteer abroad
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    447 people
  43. 43. live abroad for a while
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How I did it
How to i want to fall in love with someone who loves me as much as i love them!
It took me
21 months
It made me

How to take photos of 43 strangers
It took me
4 months
It made me
proud (just a bit)

How to learn how to whistle using my fingers
It took me
7 days
It made me

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post letters here that i would never send (read all 7 entries…)
dear future girlfriend

i have never been in love,because i want you to be my first, i want to feel so innocent in love w\ you. i will do anything to make you feel perfect everyday… because you are. to me. i want to do things i have never done before, only for you. i hope you will get my lame jokes, your laugh would make my day and i hope my jokes would make yours too. idk how to do and say sweet things,but i will try my hardest,even if i get too cheesy, i hope you would be cool with it. idk how to cook, but i will learn for you. (: rite now, i am preparing to be a better person, so i’m ready when you’re finally here. idk know what you’re doing now, but i hope your doing good. even if your with someone else. if there’s a day you will feel alone, just remember i’m dying to see you. we’ll see each other soon!



Make a list of 43 things I know very little about, & then learn at least 3 things about each of them (read all 16 entries…)
#16 elza col. elizaveta mukasei was a Russian Soviet-era spy codenamed Elza who had taken part in a number of undercover operations in Western Europe and the United States from the 1940s through to the 1970s.

...Ms. Mukasei spent most of her working life as “nelegal,” a Russian term for spies who worked undercover in the West during the cold war and sent intelligence back to Moscow.

...In 1937, after graduating from the Oriental Faculty of Leningrad University, he was ordered to the intelligence school and in 1939, already having two children, the couple was sent to fulfill their first mission, in Los Angeles.

Set realistic standards and expectations (read all 3 entries…)
"knowing is not enough we must apply. willing is not enough we must do"

.be charming towards my ladylike love life
..(just!) a bit far fetched fantasy.
.daily concessions others.
.be positive. PO-si-tive! +! not Hep
.what’s the best part about this situation?- attitude

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