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  1. 1. read Catcher in the Rye
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  2. 2. compliment people more
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  3. 3. feel beautiful
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  4. 4. Stop beating myself because I'm not perfect
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  5. 5. Learn to play the guitar
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  6. 6. get another tattoo
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  7. 7. Become a vegetarian
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  8. 8. learn to play chopins nocturne no:2 in eb op.9
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  9. 9. move out my parent's home
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  10. 10. get an mfa in printmaking
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  11. 11. Go skydiving
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Learn to play Comptine d'un autre ete from Amelie
Very fun to play

My main problem with learning this piece of music was time. I’m a college student and don’t have access to pianos, so I decided to learn it over Christmas break. Once you get the rhythm down its really quite easy. Very fun to play as well.

Get a tattoo
i carry your heart

Growing up my parents had brainwashed me into hating tattoos. However, when I left for college and started to get involved in the arts I noticed a lot of people had tattoos and they didn’t seem trashy at all. In fact they were beautiful and interesting, and in general just a way to express the individual wearing it.

So of course I became enchanted with the idea of getting a few of my own. I’ve always been an avid reader and after looking at blogs dedicated to them, I decided my first tattoo would be a literary one. I had a few passages picked out (all of which I adored) but was having trouble deciding which should be the first. And besides that, my parents would never agree to letting me get one and if they saw I got it without their permission they’d kick me out of the house or stop assisting me with college payments. So I just sat on my desire for years, knowing eventually when I was completely independent I would get some ink.

However, this summer for my birthday I spend the day with my best friend, who herself has many tattoos. She told me that she wanted to buy a tattoo for me for my present. It was so sudden and I wasn’t expecting it at all but I decided to just let go of my fear and do it. Since she wanted us to get something to symbolize our love and friendship I decided that we should split the passage “i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)” by ee cummings handwritten by each other. We both got it on our left ribs. It was fast and didn’t hurt one bit, and I absolutely love the end product. One of the best decisions I’ve made.


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