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List all things I did well today! (read all 3 entries…)

-ate breakfast (bowl of frosted flakes-always makes me feel 10 years younger at least while eating it!)
-went to work on time (work on a saturday ick!)
-reread a book from start to finish (flowers for algernon-one of my favs)
-filled up gas tank (3rd time this week-I drive too much!)
-deposited pay check at bank (been meaning to do it all week
-ate dinner at korean restaurant (had spicy tofu soup-yum!)

so not a bad day… (yet none of the above include “started or working on or finished my homework due Monday” so I actually feel pretty bummed about my “wasted, unproductive” Saturday… oh well, I need to focus on the positive right?)

List all things I did well today! (read all 3 entries…)

today I…

-woke up a little late but still made it to class on time (and ate breakfast-on the go in the car)

-bought the book I need to read for tomorrow’s class so I can do the reading tonight (which I already ordered it online but it’s still in transit so I’ll just return the book I bought today when it arrives)

-ate a really good dinner at Pasta Pomodoro with my little brother

-took a much needed nap once I got home and now I’m ready to actually do the reading that I bought the book for (oh homework how I hate you at times!)

now to get to work.

List all things I did well today! (read all 3 entries…)
thanks for inviting me!

what I did well today:

-I did wake up on time AND I ate breakfast (which I usually over sleep and don’t have time for it)

-also… I went to all of my classes on time (I’m a full time student but I drive a 45-75minutes commute to and from school 5 days a week)

-I didn’t fall asleep during my afternoon classes (though I thought about it)

-and hopefully I will get some reading for Thursday’s classes done tonight!

(this was a bit challenging because I’m usually more negative with myself!)

stop obsessing about what i am not doing

great name for a fragrance… not so great for mental activity. I must remind myself about what I AM accomplishing rather than dwell on what I am not doing…

Take the GRE (read all 3 entries…)
close enough...

I took and passed both the CBEST and the CSET (multiple subjects) which combined equal ~8 hours of standardized testing so I am calling this goal “done” :-)

Buy a new pair of Lucky jeans (read all 2 entries…)

my new pair is super cute (even more cute than the old Lucky pair) and I went down a pant size!!! very unexpected perk ;-) Then as if that wasn’t enough-the belts were on clearance and I bought a $44 for just $8.95-score!

Buy a new pair of Lucky jeans (read all 2 entries…)
it's time...

the old pair has a hole in the thigh… I could just buy a patch (which I might do anyways) but I want to buy a new pair also (you can never have too many jeans! right?)

Take the GRE (read all 3 entries…)

the grad program I’m applying to does not require the GRE so I might remove this goal (however it does require the cbest and cset-so I will still take plenty of standardized testing!)

Go to graduate school
On my way...

I mailed in my first graduate school application today!!! If I am accepted (which I won’t find out until March or something) then I can check this goal off as “done” :-)

Next I’ll have to add “survive grad school” ;-)

share my poetry

Gazing into your clear brown open eyes
I read unconditional love,
and urgency.
Your dark-honey irises reflect curiosity and awe
this pleases me.

You know my secrets,
but still stick around.
You allow me to express all of my feelings to you
even the hurtful ones.
You hear the ugly thoughts I don’t voice,
but judge me for all who I am, not part.

Yet your eyes do not reveal answers
to the silent questions I pose.
I plead for a satisfaction
that does not arrive.

Your lips part slightly,
an invitation,
yet as I lean in
I am met with cool, hard resistance.
I blink as you blink.
A single tear in the corner of my right eye.
A single tear in the corner of your left.

clean my room (read all 2 entries…)
still a mess...

7 weeks since my last entry and my room has merely had 7 more weeks of accumulation of junk on the floor (although I got the desk back because it didn’t work out for my brother) I wish I had the power to blink away the mess because if it just disappeared I probably wouldn’t miss it as much as I think I will if I take the time to sort it and actually look at all of the things I’m getting rid of… I tried the “take a picture of the items and then get rid of them” method which is an attempt rid the clutter and yet still have the memories and while it was ok to have the photo I still have the stuff sitting in the draw so I discovered that taking the photo does not necessarily equal ready to throw away junk Back to the drawing board I go.

get a new digital camera (read all 2 entries…)
still searching for the perfect compact camera...

I think if I were to buy one right this moment I would be choosing between a Canon Powershot SD600 (which has the cool “my colors” feature) or the Nikon Coolpix S4 (which has 10x optical zoom) both are great 6 megapixel compact cameras, but cost $350 so I just can’t bring myself to make a decision-if there was a camera that had both “my colors” AND the 10x optical zoom for $350 I would be sold…

meet someone that 'gets' me
is that possible?

maybe instead of looking for someone that ‘gets’ me I should be looking for someone that I ‘get’...

learn to oil paint
practice makes...

better (not perfect in my case!) so I have been playing with my oil paints this week and it is very relaxing to sit down and dabble in oil paints (it’s also very messy because I manage to get paint all over my hands everytime) Also I looked online a bit for tips about painting but didn’t find very many so I just try to paint other pictures and I think I am actually improving so even though I won’t be painting van goghs maybe this goal will soon be checked off…

get my eyes checked
why is that sign blurry...

this is an important goal but frustrating as well because an eye exam will cost me $50 (I don’t have insurance currently) and I know that I “qualify” for glasses so it’s not really a check up so much as a what is my current prescription (because I got glasses back when I was in high school but have since lost them and I’m sure I need a stronger prescription now anyways) but I am really hesitant to buy glasses because I fear that once I start wearing them my eyes will deteriorate even faster as they become dependent on glasses. I guess I could look into laser surgery but that costs even more and has more risk attached to it… I don’t know what to do.

Practice yoga regularly
not cheap

I really want to start doing yoga weekly now but I would like to do it at a studio and not just at home with a video-especially since I really like bikram (heated room) and that is easier to achieve and more fun in a studio… if only classes weren’t $12-15 each-that adds up!

have NO (not on things, places, or people-all at the same time) cheers available because I used them all!

things-Cheers available: 0
places-Cheers available today: 0
people-Cheers available: 0

When I log onto 43things and see that I have 1 or 2 new cheers on goals or entries or comments or places or people-it give me a little rush of “wow, internet warm fuzzies!” and that’s pretty cool (and cheap! relatively) so I try to spread the online warm fuzzies around :-)

google myself

makes me feel like big brother is watching…

Take the GRE (read all 3 entries…)
uh oh...

reading the recent 43t entries about taking the GRE is making me nervous! I wish I had taken it already (like during my senior year of college) since the score is good for a few years, but since I’m still not sure if/which grad program I’m even applying to I just can’t bring myself to sign up for the $115 test and now it’s supposedly getting even harder :-(

make a snowman
just need some snow...

this one is going to take awhile (but it seems like a fun goal to have!) because I live in the bay area and it doesn’t snow at my house-i.e. I will need to drive to the snow. Maybe it will happen this winter…

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