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  1. 1. find a job i actually like
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  2. 2. read more
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  3. 3. Don't eat fast food
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  4. 4. remember people's names
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  5. 5. never buy something from walmart again
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live without a television for a year
don't let it decide what's important

the best part? having control over your news. television news just streams uselessness into your mind (michael jackson, runaway bride, oj) which can be easily avoided. reading the paper (online or in print) you can decide whether you want to continue reading anything past the headline. plus, print articles give you more information and allow you to delve deeper into the story through other mediums.

never buy something from walmart again

Going good since January and slowly beginning to convince my mother to stay away. She complains now that I give her “WalMart guilt”.

It’s hard though sometimes. Damn those low prices, they’re like crack.

remember people's names

this includes people i just met, people i work with and really ought to remember by now, and people i’ve known for years and manage to get confused. the last is inherited from my mother who often calls me by her sisters’ names.

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