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  1. 1. Get a tattoo
    21,928 people
  2. 2. learn archery
    4 cheers
    599 people
  3. 3. have a flat stomach
    2,366 people
  4. 4. own a hybrid car
    544 people
  5. 5. get a job I enjoy
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    282 people
  6. 6. Design and build my own house
    1,761 people
  7. 7. Save $10,000
    425 people
  8. 8. sleep under the stars
    4,208 people
  9. 9. See The English Countryside
    4 people
  10. 10. have a garden
    883 people
  11. 11. Kiss in the rain
    15,044 people
  12. 12. move to Canada
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    551 people
  13. 13. Witness a total solar eclipse.
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    66 people
  14. 14. Complain less
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    1,192 people
  15. 15. Whiten my teeth
    2,123 people
  16. 16. Go hiking
    659 people
  17. 17. Go kayaking
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    601 people
  18. 18. Learn to scuba dive
    2,697 people
  19. 19. move out of my parents' house
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    1,342 people
  20. 20. see the northern lights
    19,131 people
  21. 21. stop procrastinating
    30,416 people
  22. 22. make a difference
    7,145 people
  23. 23. Eat more fruits and vegetables
    1,101 people
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Quitting is worth it, but...

only if you have a better job to go to. I starting working for a pet sitting company and realized I really need more money. So I’m going back to Starbucks. My major issue was with my horrible manager, who NEVER worked, came in in her pajamas, and scheduled people to work when they told her they couldn’t work a certain day. When I get there to close, the place is a mess, the pastries arent changed over to PM, there is old coffee in the urns, and no preps were made. But if I made one mistake closing, like leaving a spot on the menu board, I get written up. I confronted her and she said “Well it’s not just you, lots of people are getting written up, it’s not personal, its coming down on everyone” Yeah right, you aren’t getting written up you power-hungry b*$#@. So I left. 9 others gave their two week notice within 2 weeks, one just stopped coming in, and our assistant transferred. We got tons and tons of complaints, but with our old manager, we used to get perfect snapshots. It’s ridiculous. How could Starbucks not notice all this? I despise the company and almost everything about it, especially the rude customers, but I am going back. It’s the same store as my ASM, who is awesome, so I hope it is at least tolerable..

get a better job
No more Starbucks

I’ve gotten a job as a pet sitter. This will be much more rewarding, low stress, and fun. I’m glad I’m done with Starbucks.

go vegan

For awhile I had mostly cut out milk, eggs, gelatin, cheese (unless on pizza) but I’ve finally decided to become 100% vegan. I’m reading food labels to make sure theres no derivatives or animal byproducts in them and I’ve also started eating more fruits and vegetables! The one thing I really miss is milk chocolate, but some vegan brands make chocolate with soy or rice milk and it tastes surprisingly close to the real thing. Dark chocolate is a fine replacement especially for chips in cookies, and I can have Ghiradelli double chocolate hot cocoa mix too, so I think I’ll be ok :) Oh and I LOVE Vegan Gourmet mozzarella cheese!!!! It’s great on amys roasted vegetable pizza :) Thank goodness for whole foods

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