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stop surfing gossip sites
i have no idea

and very very frustrated

i’ve been surfing hollywood gossip sites for the past year.
it gets my mind off things, especially after tough studies and work
i’m so happy i don’t have channel E at home
but this is truly baffeling
it helps me unwind, looking at nothing and bored people talking about basically – nothing
but i always feel tired, knowing i wasted my time
and have no idea why i am still interested at where these stars go, with whom and why
especially when it’s so important for me to stop gossiping in the outside world. i am quite addicted to it. can i stop for a week? what will i get in return? amazing how tough it is. why??

drink 8 glasses of water a day (read all 4 entries…)

i’ve been gone and have been very harsh on myself. the regular all-or-nothing plan. if i can’t do everything, every day, might as well just stop. i let myself go, these have been tough times. but i think the way to go for me is to stick to one or two, and try not every day, but as many times a week as possible. less is more. i’m back.

take omega-3 for 2 consecutive months (read all 3 entries…)

first day of success. took me 9 days to even start. now the main thing is tio continue. we’ll see.

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