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  1. 1. rule the world
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  2. 2. get my own army
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  3. 3. build a city
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  4. 4. grow plants and sell their produce
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start my own country
worth doing!

i started my own country and its the kingdom of gallus and it counsists of 3 bedrooms and a hallway!

ill start expanding it later

Build a city
ive made something smaller

in my country of gallus(3 bedrooms and a hallway) my and my brother are building a village in the local park!

its got a little wooden wall with a hut inside a little workshop for shaping branches and a bit of cloth to act as a tent

get my own army
ive started

but my army only has two people! me and my brother plus we dont have any proper weapons to defend gallus and our only defences is a wooden fort up in the local park!

but its a start…

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