I'm doing 18 things
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Finish doing everylittlething I have on my List of Things...
teh List:

1. the art of travel
essays on love

2. dale carnegie (? gag)
3. quit msn
4. Mrs. Kowalski’s gifts done+bought+collected money
5. Industrial Revolution Jnr Non-F from campsie library
6. read: -curious incident of the dog
– my sister’s keeper
-farewell waltz
-7types of ambiguity
7. sort out study plan, seriously…
8. a set of clothes for med interview
9. buy moisturiser
10. carry out Study Plan
11. stop feeding emotional hunger with junk food
12. sleep before 12
13. write in people’s memory books

there is a much to be done

delete msn

I’m not sure yet
this is my first night.
we’ll see how it goes.

procrasturbation must stop.

I hope I’ll manage to keep this up ,_,

get a holga/diana

i have no idea where to start

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