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find an internship (read all 2 entries…)
the last summer I was in library school

I realize that to get a worthy internship (that helps you with your career goals), you must start thinking about it really early. School always seemed to get in the way. But I managed to review the list sometime during the spring and applied for one even though it was after the deadline. I lucked out that they were still looking for someone. I worked with an art history professor emeritus who ran a digitized collection of slides on art, architecture, and archaeology available to anyone in school or academia. Her collection of Chinese pottery slides needed to be catalogued. It was an area I wasn’t too familiar with but I realize now, looking back, that I love researching and familiarizing myself with a new area. I provided more detail to all the labels. Because it was a summer internship, there wasn’t a lot of time to learn the digitizing part of it.

FInd a library-related job with my new MLIS
Goal partially achieved

A year long application, interview, and selection process led to an on-call temporary part-time job at my local library system. But the budget situation doesn’t allow for me to get many hours. So I have not really achieved this goal.

lose 50 pounds (read all 2 entries…)
20 pounds down, 30 to go

I feel much better, but have reached a plateau for 2.5 months. Obviously, I have figured out how to stay at this lower weight, but need to do something different in order to lose 25 to 30 more pounds. Even 5 more pounds!

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