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  1. 1. I want to be a climate changer
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  2. 2. be the best wife and mother
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Be the best wife and mother.
To be able to do what I am call to do.

The fulfillment comes when we walk in our calling.

I am not interested in wearing someone elses coat! I want to give it my best to be who I am called to be.

Even when it seems very tough, I dont want to compromise for lesser.

I will be who I am created to be and I will do what I am created to do.

I want to be a climate changer
Who am I really?

I am not claiming to be a messiah! but I am certain about who I am.

Because of whose and who I am, I am not reluctant to bring peace and confidence to any one I touch.

For me, to be is to be able to affect people in a good way.

I choose to serve and support,

I choose to be there when you need to talk.

I choose to listen and be quite.

I am an encourager!

So who are you???


I want to:
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