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Learn Spanish

anyone who hasn’t done this yet- do it! it’s pretty much the unofficial 2nd universal language other than English. i’ve been learning since 7th grade, and it’s my major in uni. If you have Spanish-speaking friends, get them to practice with you (i.e. try to speak only Spanish for the day). When i go on missions trips, it’s a great asset to have.

For those who want to learn quickly and efficiently, I recommend Rosetta Stone. The CIA use it! :)

Grow in Christ (read all 2 entries…)
so out of my element.

i feel so out of place here…it’s nothing like i thought it would be. it’s consequently affecting my schoolwork, which sucks. someone once said, “es el tonto que no puede volver al lugar de su felicidad pasada.”

i need to get back to that place.

stop holding grudges
let's hug it out.

staying angry doesn’t help me, or the people around me. maybe i’ll forgive that person someday, but for now, i’ve gotta accept the fact that everything happens for a reason.

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