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  1. 1. clean my room
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  2. 2. throw out junks
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  3. 3. loose weight In 6 months
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  4. 4. learn english
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  5. 5. write a book
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  6. 6. draw
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  7. 7. travel around the world
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  8. 8. become a better photographer
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  9. 9. Read more books,at least 100 books a year!
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  10. 10. Learn to cook
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  11. 11. Become Financially Independent
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  12. 12. Jump over a 1meter high bush
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  13. 13. Beat my depression
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  14. 14. finish my 43things' list
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  15. 15. be more patient
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  16. 16. Jump into water from 10meters
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  17. 17. dive
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  18. 18. Share a night under the stars
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  19. 19. learn to drive
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  20. 20. learn yoga
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  21. 21. understand physics
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  22. 22. understand mathmatics
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  23. 23. financial manage
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  24. 24. become fluent in spanish
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loose weight In 6 months (read all 2 entries…)
Push it harder

After one month, I’ve lost8kg, now I am planing to lose more.
Although my body says, no. Let me get shaped first.
Ok, listen to it. My body is my God now.
I will work harder, and eat well.
Let’s see what will happen.

be more patient (read all 2 entries…)
Never pictured this

I never pitured myself as a calm person. I love to be a bit less patient, that makes me go futher and gain more. But also it brought me huge stress and bad connections with others. I learnt to know, life is not about what you get, how much you have, no matter how much stuff you get, how free you feel, without patient, these thngs will be boring 2 eventually. Life is all about something happens naturally, something don’t. Most of things feel better when they come in a natural way.
After a few days testing, I have tasted a bit sweet from this.
Be more patient, so I could be calm whild waiting on my drive way, I could be nice to people who is using copy-machine. And I could be more kind to my family. At least allow them to talk to me about human daily lives. Hahahaha
This looks great. Hopefully I could adjust more and get a better life.

throw out junks

I have too many stuff! Too many !

From now on, I will take only what I need, and that is all.

Everything is like this.
the thing which is borken or somehting, I will throw them out.
The thing which still can be used, I will find a big box to store them, and i will store them in kinds.
In case one day I will need them again.

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