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Stop saying "sorry" so often

I find myself saying I’m sorry for every little thing. It annoys me so much, and I’m sure it annoys other people!

be enough

I’m always too quiet, too talkative
too clingy, too distant
too flirty, too standoffish
too fat, too skinny
too excitable, too boring
too much, too little

Why can’t I ever be enough for myself, for someone else? I try my hardest to be happy with what I am. I succeed, at least on the surface. But deep down, nothing ever works

open up to people
opening up to a particular person

When I first meet people, I’m the bubbly happy person. I do fine in short social interactions. Its just when I begin to try and develop relationships with people that I get quiet. I can’t seem to trust people and I don’t talk about myself. I really really like my boyfriend. I felt an instant connection with him. The first few weeks were glorious, unending happiness. But then I began to withdraw. He hasn’t said much about it, but I feel this weird awkwardness. I can’t seem to open up to him. I feel inadequate or stupid when I try to talk about things that are important to me. I just wish I could trust more easily!

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