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whiten my teeth (read all 2 entries…)
oh i have done this!

i did buy those white strips for awhile, and the results were indeed noticeable. i had a few people comment on the changes. it was worth doing! I still would like to have it done professionally? or wait one year, after having really taken better care of my teeth (brushing, flossing, quit smoking)....then do it again.

whiten my teeth (read all 2 entries…)
I don't think

I should be allowed to do this until I quit smoking…

go to the democratic national convention in 2008

i had an aadventure in denver. saw rage against the machine for free, walked for a little bit in the march after, rode my bike as close as i could get to where it “was all happening,” and later went to a new era colorado event, saw more live music. it was a great day! i definitely felt a “part of it”

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