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  1. 1. maintain a blog
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  2. 2. be mentally healthy enough to work
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  3. 3. see taylor swift live
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  4. 4. cook every night for a week
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  5. 5. grow something
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  6. 6. learn to knit properly
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  7. 7. declutter
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  8. 8. maintain a penpal relationship
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  9. 9. get university entrance
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  10. 10. get fit
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  11. 11. finish nanowrimo
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  12. 12. finish watching buffy
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  13. 13. learn to drive
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  14. 14. go overseas
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  15. 15. recover from ptsd
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  16. 16. finish a novel
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  17. 17. watch a hundred black and white movies
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watch a hundred black and white movies
1 down, 99 to go

I’m counting from today. I’ve watched a few black and white movies in the past, but I’ve generally been a colour snob. Today I watched The She-Creature with my brother and my flatmate’s girlfriend. It was fantastic and terrible, like all sci-fi horror movies should be. Plus, I really love the hair-styles and women’s clothing from like, 1900 through to 1960.

I have another couple of black and white flicks out and own a bunch more. I expect to have this goal done within the next couple of months. I’m mostly doing it to see if I can, but also because I want to try things I’ve decided in the past I didn’t like

See Taylor Swift live
It's happening

The tickets are in our room. We have a plan. There are a few hiccups, but I’m sure they’ll all smooth out in time for it to happen.

March 18th, 2012. Two days after my birthday. It’s happening.


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