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learn all the countries, their capitals and flags! (read all 2 entries…)
Very close now.

Thanks to some facebook, sporkle.com, and an iphone app I am very close to completing my challenge.

- I can now name all the countries of the world in a blank map (in under 15 min)

- I can identify and name all 192 flags (in 15 min)

- I get an average of 98% correct answers on choosing the capital for every country from a 4 option multiple choice quiz.

I will not be satisfied until I can name all the capitals in a blank map.

work for the State Department

I want to work for the state department as a foreign service officer in the management track field. I have taken the exam twice. The first time I didn’t get my results but the second time I scored short of the passing grade. I will try this out again in June and see what happens.

Since my last year I have really tried to become better in the fields they require in the exams. I have studied US history during my weekends, I’ve been studying Portuguese to show I can learn more languages, (I already speak native Spanish and a decent Japanese). I joined Toastmasters to enhance my public speaking skill. I don’t know what else to do. I will continue to pursue this challenge until I get in. I am very persistent.

Visit Brazil

I am dying to visit Brazil! I even started to study Portuguese!!!

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