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Random Observation

You want to know what I just noticed? Even though I’m not growing wings anymore due to a certain ‘incident’, I’m more active on this goal than the mermaid goal. I guess it’s because this was where my whole journey started, and I feel like you guys are my real family, even if we’re different now. I hope you guys don’t mind. :D

grow wings (read all 64 entries…)
Daily Entry 3!

Yay! I honestly can’t believe I’ve lasted three days! It’s so… weird. 0.0 But anyways, I’m going to share a little about myself, since last daily entry I asked you guys questions about yourselves. But they won’t be answers to the questions, really. Just random stuff I find interesting about myself. :D So, here goes my list:

1. I love the color purple!
2. I like warm foods and drinks, and dislike foods and drinks that aren’t supposed to be cold. (with a few exceptions, like pumpkin pie. It’s good either way.)
3. I love thinking. And day dreaming. And looking things up on Google. I’m a very curious person, and get my nose in things where it doesn’t belong.
4. I love video games!
5. I hate mushrooms.
6. My mom and sister are my best friends. :D
7. I looooove food!
8. There’s hardly anything that can make me think badly of another person. Not their sexuality, not their religion, not their view or opinion on some very serious things, nothing.

There you go! I still don’t have anything useful, but I swear I’ll start researching today! Ta-ta, for now! :D

grow wings (read all 64 entries…)
Daily Entry 2! (Or 1?)

This is my second daily entry! I think. Honestly, I don’t know if that announcement I made yesterday counts as an entry, but I guess we’ll just keep calling this one #2. Anways. Once again, I don’t have anything useful for you all, so instead I’m going to ask questions! Yay! Quiz time!

1. What are your favorite motivational words?

2. How do you spend your free time?

3. How are you doing in school? (I’m doing terribly…)

Ah, don’t you just love questions? Nope. Not at all. xD

EDIT:: Oh, yeah, also, just cause I thought you’d want to know, my day has sucked so far! But, you know what? I’m not gonna let that stop me from being happy. :)

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