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start volunteering
no more excuses

I volunteered quite a bit in high school, but it seems that college + grad school has left little extra time in my life (bad excuse, I know). Now that it is summertime, I would really like to find some place to volunteer once or twice a week—somewhere that I’d be doing some good and could take my mind off of headier things every once in a while.

I’m thinking about:

1) Literacy council—tutor for ESL students
2) working w/handicapped students at the institute near my new place
3) letter writing/phone banking for environmental group
4) feminist/women’s rights foundation downtown

It is clearly time to do some good.

enjoy the summer
This may seem easy to most people...

however, it is not so easy for yours truly to enjoy the summer. I have been a student for so long that when classes end, I often have a period of “okay, no what in the heck do I do with myself?!” at the beginning of the summer. It is tough to get used to the lack of routine. Grad school has this sneaky way of giving you lots and lots of free time, but expecting you to create something brilliant out of it. I traditionally do much better when working under the structure and pressures of the school year. But this year I’m going to try to enjoy the free time and the beautiful days…

Get a tattoo
starry tattoos

This is my desired tattoo. One of these days…

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