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  1. 1. stop being lazy
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    2,071 people
  2. 2. figure out what i want to do with my life
    3,866 people
  3. 3. Improve my French
    1,447 people
  4. 4. read 10 books this summer
    22 people
  5. 5. try and understand everyone
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  6. 6. be a better role model for my sister
    4 people
  7. 7. learn to drive
    6,753 people
  8. 8. Read the Bible
    3,791 people
  9. 9. speak German fluently
    380 people
  10. 10. find myself
    2,103 people
  11. 11. convert to buddhism
    87 people
  12. 12. become an opera singer
    33 people
  13. 13. motivate myself
    128 people
  14. 14. Stop bitching
    113 people
  15. 15. Have a totally different life by this time next year
    916 people
  16. 16. live in london
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  17. 17. run at least 3 times a week
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  18. 18. dye my hair red.
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    329 people
  19. 19. write a novel
    11,481 people
  20. 20. travel the world
    21,165 people
  21. 21. Become a vegetarian
    1,616 people
  22. 22. perform
    69 people
  23. 23. go to a rock concert
    176 people
  24. 24. grow my hair longer
    450 people
  25. 25. learn to play eletric guitar
    25 people
  26. 26. Visit Japan
    5,969 people
  27. 27. Spend less time fooling around on the net and more time actually working
    5,425 people
  28. 28. read all of Jane Austen's novels
    170 people
  29. 29. be more impulsive
    81 people
  30. 30. be more confident
    11,594 people
  31. 31. get my legs waxed
    24 people
  32. 32. Stop saying stupid things when I'm nervous
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How I did it
How to go to university
It took me
18 years
It made me

How to pass grade 8 singing
It took me
7 years
It made me

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find the name to a song i only know the lyrics to

santogold – creator :D

say sorry less

alright, i did research on the internet about this kind of thing. Yes, it is true, it is borne from low self esteem. It seems like you can never break out of the cycle.

I was saying sorry because i thought (and still do sadly) that I was always getting on people’s nerves or something along those lines. I felt like an incovenience, and that by saying sorry i would be effectively cancelling out my bad points.

What made it worse was that my mum used to shout at me about it saying that i was being “insincere” and that what i said meant nothing…that kind of hurt because i really couldn’t help it..kind of.

It is a problem to an extent, you are holding back, telling yourself that you are wrong all the time is so demoralising. If you are feeling stressed, don’t bottle it up, find someone RELIABLE, not a fairweather friend to talk to.

And i won’t apologise for rambling.

pierce my ears
Pierced ears!

Alright im not going to be all stupid about this, literally all that happens is that two holes are punched through your lobes and that’s about it. Sometimes you get the scare mongers that go on about how it will really hurt and it takes forever for them to heal, etc. Well, im a bit of a coward, yet i did it. It was fine, you do feel something, but next to nothing.

that’s all there really is to say.

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