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  1. 1. start over
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  2. 2. Write a resume
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  3. 3. Trust the universe
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  4. 4. Start a workout routine
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  5. 5. drink more water
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  6. 6. fix the old mustang
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  7. 7. Go camping by a lake
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  8. 8. build my own house
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  9. 9. Research Career options
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How I did it
How to get a job
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3 months
It made me

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Research Career options

AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER- As an air traffic controller, you can select a specialty position.

1) Terminal controller-

2)Terminal radar controller-

3)Tower local controllers-

4)Route controllers-

5)Clearence delivery controllers-

four-year degree from an accredited institution or graduate degree from an FAA Air Traffic-Collegiate Training Initiative Program (AT-CTI)


Start a workout routine

WEEK ONE (or until i can do the full amount of reps)

(pushups 3set of 20
(squats 3set of 20

(Lunges 3set of 20
(pullups 3set of 15-20

(8count 3set of 15
(plank 3sets of 45 seconds

Get pictures taken in a photobooth

i did this with amanda locklear while we went christmas shopping in florence. that girl is funny.

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