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Pass Algebra 2

so, right now i have a 58% F. passing at my school is a 70%...aka i gotta get it up, fast.
a very long story short is that i didn’t do 4 worksheets, and i’m just disappointed with myself because he doesnt check if we did all the work correctly, he only counts if we tried. and well i didn’t try, only because hes the shittest teacher ive ever had and doesn’t teach me what to do on the worksheets.
sooo, i was going to make up the worksheets before tomorrow but i dont even know how to make up stuff. i’m just in a big mess. volleyball ends tuesday, so at least ill have time to do the rest of the work.

if i dont pass, at least i know i have next semester to get a better teacher, which sounds great, but idk what a waste not to pass this semester you know?

be a better driver (read all 2 entries…)

so, ever since i got my car on my birthday a month ago i’ve been driving just about everyday. i’m working on everything so in december, when i get my license, driving won’t be so scary. i’ve had my permit for 8 months now, and i have had made huge improvements and it’s so much easier only driving my car, because driving 3 totally different cars really screwed me up. so yeah, my brother and i have started to just drive around my neighborhood and work on curves and turning out onto streets, cuz thats my weakness.

learn to ollie

i freakin did it!
it’s off and on but i can do it!
now, i just have to perfect it

Pass French class


get my braces off

feels great!! looks great!!
the only thing is that I have a retainer glued to the back of my bottom teeth until something like “my wisdom teeth come in” so my teeth don’t get screwed up. I hope they hurry up and come! But I think it’s just annoying me for now. But hey, I can deal with it, at least now when I eat half my meal doesn’t get stuck!

have a great summer
get out!

every summer i say i’m going to hang with my friends a lot and i end up doing the same thing.
wake up late, stay on the computer/watch tv till the early morning REPEAT, go to the pool a few times, and do volleyball all august and a camp in july

this summer i have new friends and new things i wanna do so i need to call up everyone! i hate having people at my house since it feel like there is nothing to do, but if that’s the only thing we can do then so be it.

i just want to have some REAL fun this summer.
i don’t want to go back to school and tell everyone i sent the whole summer in my bed.

stretch my right lobe
only because i can't

my dad already flipped about my left side.
i told my parents i would not stretch anything else till i was 18.
i finally got my 8g red earskin in, felt awesome.
then i didn’t have my cover up earring on and my mom saw it. she didnt flip but she was like, you know dad will flip.

so i just made the right choice and said i can wait 2 fucking years to stretch my ear up.
it’s not worth it if i have to HIDE my ear for 2 years. so fuck it.
i rather give up now than him find it.
but, i’m pretty upset

get my driver's permit (read all 2 entries…)

went on the 27th of march.
i was extremely nervous but i got it. i only missed one question!
today i went driving a lot around town. it’s pretty cool.

get my driver's permit (read all 2 entries…)
march 27th

i’ll be old enough to take the test…i going to look over the book everyday so i make sure i don’t fail the first time. ive already took drivers ed, and i know all my signs for sure…i cant wait!

exercise regularly (read all 2 entries…)

my friend and i go running, then do a ab workout/leg workout, almost everyday after school and on weekends.
i’m pretty sure we’ll be keeping this up for several reasons!
when you have a friend with you, it makes it so much better.

have a flat stomach (read all 3 entries…)
come on!

i’ve been doing a ab workout with my friend for a while now [along with running and other things]
i just want results to start showing!
i NEED to cut back on how much i eat too, but that’s really hard!!! i think my non-flat stomach embarrassing…


the first time i did this was because i wanted to know what it would be like to not eat for a day. i then found out it’s healthy to fast. i told myself to fast 1 day a month [and gradually move up to 3 or 4 days]
last month i did the one meal a day, but this time time i’m doing a water fast for only 1 day.
i really want to do a juice fast, and I would really like to know some good juices i could pick up from the store.

exercise regularly (read all 2 entries…)

right now, my excuse is that it’s too cold outside and i hate being around so many people at the gym

but every time it does warm up a little, i do go on a little walk with my friend [i know i can do better than that haha]

so yah i need to run anyways for volleyball sooo i need to get on it NOW.

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