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  1. 1. move
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  2. 2. make more money
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  3. 3. lose 15 pounds
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lose 15 pounds

My plan until i break 140 lbs:
workout doing 5 segments of my cardio 3x a week
do my strength(3 segs) and 2 segs of cardio 2x a week
keep calories to 1200-1600 a day
do the beck diet solution

make more money

my first plan: apply to as many jobs that I would do as possible. I need to look at both part time and full time gigs. I need to make sure I can pay my student loan in May. By the end of the month I want to have a business plan in place for starting a private practice.


the first thing I need to do is pay off all of the little debts I have. That’s my goal by the end of the month, and than get my credit report


I want to:
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