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  1. 1. to ease and cheer my live
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  2. 2. straight A's in EXAM
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  3. 3. hate boys
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  4. 4. wake up when my alarm clock goes off
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  5. 5. be happy
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  6. 6. loose weight
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  7. 7. love my family
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love my family

i supposed to do this thing first.but, maybe i forgot it.it was eiduladha in last three day.having all the family members gather is something that i really look forward.but, it was not easy when too many people in the same house.maybe i shuold be more patient, or maybe it was my sibling who were not tolerate enough with me.we did had the best time together, but quarelling, is just something that can not be abandoned.and the question is, if i behave with better manner, if all of us control our ego, will it be the same? is it true that without the fight we will be more happy together?

loose weight (read all 2 entries…)
it's not easy

i decide to jog yesterday..so, i went 2 da stadium, on bike.
the bike, is something that i didn’t use 4 quite a long time..
the seat, was killing my butt.. i don’t know why..getting rusty, i guess…. by the time i arrived at da stadium, man.. my butt was very hurt.. but, i did run the whole first lap.. n da rest…emmmmm i decided to a slow walk…so i can enjoy da view…..

loose weight (read all 2 entries…)
it's all bout my mom

my mom always force me to eat… eat, eat, and eat… she always reminded me that i need the energy to study.. i x noe where she got dat theory but the theory is suck…who want to be smart but in da same time look awefull???? certainly not me… so i need to loose my weight.. i have to eliminate all the extra fat dat i have!!!!!!!!!

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