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is in holiday

love my family

i supposed to do this thing first.but, maybe i forgot was eiduladha in last three day.having all the family members gather is something that i really look forward.but, it was not easy when too many people in the same house.maybe i shuold be more patient, or maybe it was my sibling who were not tolerate enough with me.we did had the best time together, but quarelling, is just something that can not be abandoned.and the question is, if i behave with better manner, if all of us control our ego, will it be the same? is it true that without the fight we will be more happy together?

loose weight (read all 2 entries…)
it's not easy

i decide to jog, i went 2 da stadium, on bike.
the bike, is something that i didn’t use 4 quite a long time..
the seat, was killing my butt.. i don’t know why..getting rusty, i guess…. by the time i arrived at da stadium, man.. my butt was very hurt.. but, i did run the whole first lap.. n da rest…emmmmm i decided to a slow walk…so i can enjoy da view…..

loose weight (read all 2 entries…)
it's all bout my mom

my mom always force me to eat… eat, eat, and eat… she always reminded me that i need the energy to study.. i x noe where she got dat theory but the theory is suck…who want to be smart but in da same time look awefull???? certainly not me… so i need to loose my weight.. i have to eliminate all the extra fat dat i have!!!!!!!!!

wake up when my alarm clock goes off (read all 3 entries…)
if dat could happens everyday.....

the last few days… i was on holiday.. it was soo great to finally free myself from home… away from my parents…it’s school holiday by the way…n miracle happen.. i woke up be4 my alarm started to ring.. isn’t that fabulous??? i’m suprise, really2 suprise… din’t expect i could do so.. but maybe bcoz i’m just being extra excited @ maybe the air-cond in the hotel was too cold 4 me :)... dunno.. but it must be great if that happen every single day….

be happy (read all 3 entries…)
school's done..uniform's gone

yippppppppieeeeeeeeeeeeee…. it’s over.hehehe
exam ended yesterday n i’m sooooo happy lalalalala
all the papers r not easy..gosh they all r killing me.. but wat’s the fussss? school end and i’m no longer a high scool student.yaaaayyyyy

straight A's in EXAM (read all 4 entries…)
it's coming

in 2 days….my feeling?oh MY GOD…..
i’m scared…n i fall asleep last night…
when i’m trying to study history..huh?
hate dis feeling..but i’m praying so hard dat i’m able win this war…yeah!!!!

be happy (read all 3 entries…)
i cry?????

technically, yesterday was my last day in school..n the next few weeks..EXAMS..can u believe, exam in 2 days but i’ll still have time to write in here?????i x expect dis 2,^....i’v took lots of pic schooll pic..neva thought i’ll be dis very s’tmental..ahakz….but dat x change the fact tha i’ve been studying in an old school…...n my desk look even more ugly in pic.huh?anyone 2 blame?but…i did figure out s’thing interesting….hik3, i do look cute in my school uniformhehe^

be happy (read all 3 entries…)

i x noe wat i’m suppose to be…
hepi or sad… highschool end after few weeks..yay.
it’s sound fun..very very fun, well higschool is mean.. full of problems..kinda hate it most of time.. n i’ll leaving it..i’m counting da time actually,yayay ….hmmmmm, n da truth is, i’m x as hepi as i thought i’ll be…i guess i’m just not ready,i’m x redy to leave my frenz,teachers maybe, i x noe… for 5 years i spent my life there..sor of boring tremendously to see the old blocks, my ugly desk(bcoz i’m to lazy to manage it), a very very gigantic field where i have to give all my energy 4 sprinting(later on panting vigorously) n funnily, i started to miss them, when i’m x even leaving them yet…................i just hope i won’t cry later(pliz….)n stick to the point that leaving highschool is freedom or maybe victory…....watever!!!

straight A's in EXAM (read all 4 entries…)

i’m counting da time…
it’s just in 4 days..4 days…
arghhhhhh…i’m scared, really really damp scared…
x noe wat bukz 2 read…which note to memorize..
n i x even noe wen 2 sleep..well i x noe either if i have to sleep…....

wake up when my alarm clock goes off (read all 3 entries…)
poor alarm

i supposed to have a test id did a little revision.. unfortunetely i fall asleep on my book, since it was annoying to my mother i closed my book n went straight to bed.. well, I still have to sit for the test, so i fixed my alarm to wake me up 2 hours usual, for reading….as i expected it x work..pooor alarm..btw the test is postpone LUCKILY….. YIPPPPPPPIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE:)

wake up when my alarm clock goes off (read all 3 entries…)
wat happen to me?

i dont noe why, but alarm had never worked on me…well it was not an issue since i’ve the best mother in the world to wake me up… but it is a problem now since my mother is too busy managing my new niece to wake me up…n now i have to rush every morning..have a little bath..often left things… blablablalalalal n da worst part is my father have to send me to scholl..well i’m x expecting the bus to wait 4 me but poor dadddy…..

straight A's in EXAM (read all 4 entries…)
i'm freaking out....

exams in3 months…trial in few weeks, wait wasn’t it in two week? i don noe but i’m freaking out..reallly freaking out…i slept at 4 last night to study physics..tonight, addmaths tuition…soooo tiring huhuhuhu n i still have no idea at wat time i’m going 2 sleep dis night…. i’m going crazy 4 this exam…oh god…i’m searching for ur bless..

hate boys
hate boysss

hate them.. why they are sooo fake..u noe..they look nice, a good boy,cool..BUT treat girl like dirt.. they thought they could have all of…the girlssss.. but luckily i’m not that desperate to have a boyfriend… it’s not that i’m sooo not attractive but bcoz i’m so smart.i didn’t surrender when a boy show an interest to me(foooooooh)....ARRRRGGGGGHHH, it’s just sooooooo irritating, so annoying, so heart breaking…...... when the boys that i thought the good one is actually the worst one actuallly….well,it’s look like that i’m so not going to marry before 30, or maybe i’m not gonna fall in love at all in this ten years…........................

straight A's in EXAM (read all 4 entries…)

my big exam is about to came after several month…..
several month…..we just ended our mid year test, and it was incredibly hard for me , almost all subject.I coulnd’t believe it actually..each time i open the’s like everything already in my mind but still i coulnd’t do it….....
huhuhuhu.. so sad, how i’m gonna face the exam???



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