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  1. 1. have a 26-inch waist
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  2. 2. take JLPT 4
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  3. 3. Read 50 books
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  4. 4. Fill up my sketchbook
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  5. 5. Finish my knitting.
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  6. 6. Keep up with Embodiment 2007
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Practice Yoga (read all 2 entries…)
Vinyasa Flow

Just did the 20-minute flow from the Baron Baptiste stuff I have. I wasn’t really in the right mindset to practice, but at least it stretched out my legs after my walk.

Read more books

Since I need a quick Finals week book, I’m currently reading Nymph by Francesca Lia Block.

get a summer job
Second job

I already have one, but I need another one because the first isn’t going to give me the hours I need.

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