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find my calling in life
help... I Dont know what I want to be

I have been an admin asst for the last 7 years. I have never felt that it was my dream job. I have just done it because I knew how to do the stuff related. Now I need your help. Some things about me…
I love to be around people, happy nice people.
I love to help people, solving problems, listening, planning, thinking talking.
I have always been told I have strong hands and could make a good massage therapist.
I have also been told I’d make a good nurse, teacher, care giver, nanny, counselor.

I have given a lot of though about not being an admin for the rest of my life but now what?

I live in a huge city with tons of reasourses, just dont know where to turn. I dont want to go through a lot of school because I dont like school very much and cannot afford to not work while going to school. I don’t want to become worn out by juggleing full time wokrk and school.

Please give me ides of jobs/careers that I may like. Thanks


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