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  1. 1. wake up when my alarm clock goes off
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  2. 2. help others
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  3. 3. travel
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  4. 4. improve my english
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How to be more efficient when working
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Hello everybody!

It is travelling which makes me really happy. I want to spend even more time on that.

I’ve chosen this goal and joined the group of 43things travelers to motivate myself and keep a record of my travels. However, “Travel” is very vague and generic term so I would like to create my own sub-goals that I will update regularly (ideally, once a week).

My current goal (goal #1) is:
I want to visit 25 interesting places in London.

Here is the one basic rule:
When I write ‘to visit’ I mean to really learn that place, get into it, try it, taste it or be somehow engaged, spend some time in that place, find out more about its history etc. Taking picture is not enough:)

Let’s start!

So far I have visited one place in London which I find interesting:
1) Museum of Science

I have seen many more but as I wrote – seeing is not enough:)

This weekend hopefully will add something new to the list:)

Be more efficient when working (read all 6 entries…)

Well, I just changed the job:)

My problems were caused mainly by lack of motivation and different types of distractions in my previous job.

Now I feel much better,

help others
Inspire me!:)

What is your favourite way of helping others?


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