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get rid of this ganglion (read all 4 entries…)
don't be afraid to wait

Okay… eleven months ago the cortizone injection into the ganglion at a knuckle at the top of my palm worked… for 3 weeks. The ganglion (a hardened lump of synovial fluid leaked from the joint into a cavity outside the joint – hardened from reabsorption of water) returned. Bugger.

Surgery was looking like my last option, but since I’d lived with the ganglion in my hand for so long, I’d learnt not to grab things tightly in the palm of my left hand, like you do when openning a tight lid on a bottle. Pain is a good teacher. So I put off further treatment.

After about nine months I went to prod my ganglion, and it was gone. Don’t really know how long for because I ignored it and simply worked around it.

So, to anyone else with such a ganglion… if you can work around it and protect it, that may be the rest that joint needs for the ganglion to disappear on its own. How cool is that?

Best of luck.

get rid of this ganglion (read all 4 entries…)
do it

I finally saw a rheumatologist yesterday to have my ganglion treated after having it for nearly two years.

All she did was inject it with cortizone and local anaesthetic. People had told me cortizone injections hurt, but it depends where you’re getting injected; my ganglion, all that hurt was the needle and the slight bruising that appeared later.

However, I may have left it too late for a simple injection – too much fluid was reabsorbed and the ganglion was reasonably hard, so I may have to get it cut out if it doesn’t look better in a month.

If you get a lump on your wrist/hand, get it looked at and get it treated if it’s a ganglion. You can live with it without much trouble, but you loose full use of your hand protecting it and the bugger may need more invasive treatment if you leave it too long.

Good luck!

I’ll update when I know if the injection worked our not :)

write my friends and family (read all 2 entries…)

I write…
I cheat and email or telephone…
it’s all good :)

love my body (read all 4 entries…)
you only have one :)

and hey… mine is giving me a good run! Look at people younger than you are with real problems… I am lucky. Besides… I’m bored with letting this hold me back.

I thought my older and wiser studying-to-be-a-barrister neighbour was silly to feel intimidated by all the young things on the tread-mills at the gym when he went… I’m as bad.

I used to love aerobics and the gym, and now I’m too initimidated being this unfit to go and workout. How silly is that?

I’m over it… just have to drag my poor other-half for support just once to get my feet wet again and then I should be fine ;)

fix my car (read all 2 entries…)
at last

My old ovlov finally received the work it needed. My old mechanic sort of advised that I might have been better off selling it and getting another just like it instead of giving it the servicing it required.

But I like MY ovlov. It’s old (‘83 model), it’s not what you’d call fuel efficient, it probably has suprise part-failures in the not distant future…

...but, it kicks butt, it has REAL boot space, 20-20 window visability, mag rims (whatever they are)... and I never spend 30 min looking for my ovlov in a parking-lot for because it doesn’t LOOK like any other car!

So yay… I don’t need a screw-driver to start my engine any more :)

see The Whitlams again!
or bust!

I LOVE ‘The Whitlams’. They’re even BETTER live than recorded… and having seen them three times live (and Tim Freedman once on his solo tour) and having seen U2 twice… there’s no comparison; they’re better than U2!

I’m hopelessly addicted and want to see them again and again whenever they’re around Sydney :)

This will be the easiest goal ever to keep.

bake my own bread (read all 2 entries…)
for now...

I think I need a break from my relationship with bread :)

I will always love bread… and Easter-buns don’t make it any easier… it’s time bread and I spent some time apart…

List my 100 favorite movies (movies you'd watch over and over again) (read all 7 entries…)
15. 2001: A Space Odyssey


List my 100 favorite movies (movies you'd watch over and over again) (read all 7 entries…)
14. If These Walls Could Talk

Heartfelt and absolutely maddening.

List my 100 favorite movies (movies you'd watch over and over again) (read all 7 entries…)
13. The Bridges of Madison County


List my 100 favorite movies (movies you'd watch over and over again) (read all 7 entries…)
12. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Oddly enough… love it :)

List my 100 favorite movies (movies you'd watch over and over again) (read all 7 entries…)
11. Das Experiment

Loved it… even though it wasn’t pretty. Jane Elliott’s Blue Eyed exercise in human nature depicts exactly what people can stoop to if in the right circumstances and conditions…

marry the man I can't live without (read all 4 entries…)
a matter of principle

Before there is to be a formal engagement (an otherwise foregone conclusion), my other-half firmly believes that it is only proper to have the ‘man-to-man’ chat with my Dad to ask for his ‘permission’ first, and that the occasion must be symbolised with the bribery of a bottle of cheap wine :)

The fact that my folks live a state away means this awaits our next visit… again, a question of time and fundage… but hey, you only get to do this once (if you do it right) so there is fun to be had in the planning ;)

perfect the making of gozleme! (read all 3 entries…)
making gozleme is an art

I think I will leave to the Turkish ladies at the Balmain markets. It is a treat worth making a trek for.

I do have the recipe and I will use it again on the rare occasion I’m feeling invincible in the kitchen, but I spend enough time in the kitchen at the moment :)

This goal is going into storage… I like my space clean ;)

try PostCrossing
worth a few shots

I find out about a few things here, and PostCrossing was one. How could you not give it a go? I always have left-over holiday postcards and this was a perfect way to use them!

I’ve received four so far, sent three, and have another five to send now. It was actually really nice to hear some sentiments and advice from the cards I’ve received – I love the randomness and think this will be something I will keep doing.

This is good training to get into snail-mail more often. I think I will start to postcard my friends and family now – who says you need to be on holiday to send a postcard to those you can’t visit? :)

My next investigation is of PostSecret which seems fascinating but I don’t quite understand it…

list 43 things I wish I caught on camera (read all 3 entries…)
the cure

is to try to capture those pictures!
I usually carry a camera when I’m out of the house and do make good use of it, so I resolve to be quicker on the draw ;)

fix my car (read all 2 entries…)
number one

priority when I know I have a reliable job or at least the money to do it. I’m at least up for:

  • new tyres (balanced and aligned)
  • probably a new muffler
  • my high-beams are high temperamental
  • I need the wiring to my starter motor fixed (which didn’t happen last time I out-sourced it and paid for it) so I don’t need to start my car by short-circuiting the starter with a screwdriver most of the time!
  • you-name-it, this ‘83 Volvo probably needs it

My other-half was a mechanic, so I am lucky, but you always find something unexpected that needs replacing with old cars (last time it was the whole wire-loom in the engine… did I mention how much I appreciate living with a mechanic???) ;)

List my 100 favorite movies (movies you'd watch over and over again) (read all 7 entries…)
this WILL take a while :)

I love great movies. I’m a sook, I love happy endings (Texas Chainsaw Massacre failed MISERABLY there), I’m not easily appeased by ‘formula’ flicks unless there’s something that really hits home, and I’m sure there’s a lot of flicks I’ve yet to see… but here’s a start… beginning with a few I own and probably one or two more:

1. Run Lola Run

2. Officespace

3. Amelie

4. Donnie Darko

6. 28 Days

7. The Terminal

8. Dead Man Walking

9. Thelma & Louise

10. The Long Kiss Goodnight

11. The Cube

10. Happy Texas

(brain hurts… must take break…)

declare Feb 1-7 Hasselhoff Avatar week (read all 5 entries…)

this was an enlightening experience :)

loose 8kg (read all 5 entries…)

no entries here yet… um-mum-ma!

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