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watch the IMDB.com Top 100 movies (read all 2 entries…)
Raging Bull - All About eve

I think these movies are in the top 100 because you have to pay all your attention to them! Raging Bull was good, good storyline but as I said if your mind wanders for a couple of mins you could be lost!

I loved All about Eve! It was smart and interesting, good storyline. I felt it didn’t feel like an old black & white movie at all just one I hadn’t seen yet!

I just wish all these movies weren’t so LONG! loving it otherwise tho! :D

become tidier
work in progress!

Yano when you try really hard to do something and you set yourself up for a fail well that is what I always do! I’m not messy just untidy… Recently I’ve just casually become more tidier, I didn’t go mad and try and make the whole house spotless but yeah I’m getting there! :D currently sitting in a tidy room! :D

watch the IMDB.com Top 100 movies (read all 2 entries…)

We’ve been pleasantly surprised at top couple of movies we’ve watched so far (the sting, the apartment) hit a sort of wall with The Bridge to river Kwai..as its not really our kinda movie, watched half so far just have to keep going!

take a photo every day for a year (read all 2 entries…)
hard work! but keep it up!

Ended up taking more photos of my cat and food than I actually knew was possible. thank God for my understanding friends or I’d be pictureless! :D

be able to run

everyone should try couch to 5k! I’m actually the most unfit person ever! but I’ve completed a 5k run without stopping with this program! without sounding too cheesy… IT IS POSSIBLE! :P

take a photo every day for a year (read all 2 entries…)
this is proving harder than I thought..

I’m running out of things to take pictures of but I don’t want to give up! It’s only March!

wear more skirts


Go To A My Chemical Romance Concert


Consider it done. (:

get a job i love


kiss like they kiss in the Notebook.

love love love! :D

find a good job

I work in tescos! :D

Take more pictures

lololol likee 300 pics a week. :D
i got a digital camera for christmas. :D

write a blog entry once a week in 2007

never did it. :P

make a film


smile more

i enjoy smiling, and id smiled alot since i set this goal .:D:D

learn photoshop

i made 758568678 bebo skins. :D


have not a baldy. :D

Buy jules alotttt of chocolate. XD (read all 2 entries…)

i bought myself lotz of chocolate. :S

break 1 small bad habit each month in 2007

i never did it. :’(

Save money

I saved nine whole pound! :D

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