I'm doing 4 things

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  1. 1. stop procrastinating
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  2. 2. be better at math
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  3. 3. Not be so shy
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  4. 4. be happy with myself
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Not be so shy
caves seem more comfy now

i say nothing. i want to talk, but my body doesnt allow it. i dunno what im doing here. writing seems like the only thing that helps me express myself. ive never done this b4 and i doubt anyone will read or comment this. i dont get this world

be better at math

i feel like the only one who doesnt understand geometry. i know, geometry. its so easy for so many people, yet i dont understand anything my teacher says in class. i had to move down from honors geometry and geometry isnt that much easier. tho im only a freshman, i feel like i wont get accepted into college anymore. high school is hard.


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